Some worse than others.
  1. Nail biter
    Up until three weeks ago I had literally never used a nail clipper.
  2. Nose picker
    This is probably my most prominently displayed bad habit. The thing is I really do enjoy it. However, let me be clear: even though I pick, I've never eaten. You have to have a little respect for yourself.
  3. Bone cracker
    Knees, ankles, fingers, toes, neck, hips, back, sternum. Really think this is going to bite me in the ass one day.
  4. Incredibly, undeniably, brutally bad smelling farts
    Not all the time. But more than once my girlfriend has had to exit the house.
  5. Bad temper
    I've worked on it, but it lies dormant. Being Russian-Italian, I'm genetically predisposed. One time when I was eight or nine I got so angry that I punched a cement wall as hard as I could. I felt zero pain.
  6. Cheating at anything academic, words with friends and other social games.
    If I could cheat at the Listapp I would.
  7. Vanity
    Everybody is guilty of this, but sometimes I really disgust myself. Whether it be looking in the mirror excessively, googling myself, or watching/reading things I've done in the past. Mirror stuff is inevitable, but I've made a huge effort to not indulge these last two things. Ultimately, there's nothing positive about self-obsession. It's boring.
  8. Laziness
    I just enjoy the hell out of doing nothing. But to the point of where if I could do nothing all the time, I would. Like if it was socially acceptable to just luxuriate in nothingness I would.
  9. Once I told a girl I wrote a song for her but it was a Blink 182 song.
    She believed me. I felt so bad that I actually told her I didn't write the song ten minutes after I told her I did. Awkward exchange. I haven't done this since.