Whether you're an actor, writer, director, editor, or producer.
  1. Making Movies by Sidney Lumet
    Maybe the best moment to moment account of what directing a movie is actually like.
  2. Cut To The Chase by Sam O'Steen
    One of the best editors ever shares gossip and insight of more than a few masterpieces.
  3. Kazan On Directing by Elia Kazan
    The master of directing actors.
  4. Conversations With Scorcese by Richard Schickel
    Scorcese has always been articulate about his movies, but this focuses him from project to project.
  5. Conversations With Wilder by Cameron Crowe
    It's like watching a Cameron Crowe movie about Billy Wilder.
  6. Intent To Live by Larry Moss
    By far the best book about acting and being an actor.
  7. My First Movie: 20 Celebrated Directors Talk About Their First Film edited by Stephen Lowenstein
    Extremely encouraging.
  8. The Playboy Interview series. Particularly, The Directors by Alex Haley.
    My personal favorite. Hundreds of shared insights from usually very low key and enigmatic artists.
  9. When the Shooting Stops... The Cutting Begins by Ralph Rosenblum
    Particularly the chapters on editing "Take the Money and Run" and "Annie Hall"
    Suggested by @samboyd