Based on today's articles in the NY Times and Newsweek.
  1. She is currently a NYC real estate broker.
  2. She married Robert Durst in 2000.
  3. Charatan and Durst have never actually lived together in the same house.
  4. Charatan was given power of attorney by Durst in 2002, which means she essentially took control of his real estate and wealth.
  5. Durst has given her over $20 million out of his $65 million inheritance.
  6. Charatan "doesn't remember" where Durst was when he had apparently gone to California and murdered Susan Berman, even though they were officially married just twelve days before her death.
  7. Charatan developed a romantic relationship with Steven I. Holm, a real estate lawyer who has worked for Durst and is rumored to still be with him.
  8. In a 1980s interview, Charatan said: “I knew if I couldn’t be a star, I wouldn’t be happy.”
  9. Durst's only request for Andrew Jarecki, the director of "The Jinx" was that he never interview Debrah.