The idea here is a movie that you were introduced to late in the game that you should have seen earlier in life.
  1. The Last Detail - 1973
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    To me, this movie is THE seminal Jack Nicholson performance that defined the rest of his career. To put into context the run that this man went on in the 70's: in order, he shot Five Easy Pieces, Carnal Knowledge, The King of Marvin Gardens, The Last Detail, Chinatown, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Think about that shit.
  2. Scarecrow - 1973
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    Al Pacino and Gene Hackman didn't really like each other while making this movie, but both of them are peaking here. This movie would never get made this well today.
  3. Mikey and Nicky - 1976
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    I just watched this for the first time a few weeks ago and my mind was blown. It breaks so many rules and has two of the most authentic performances from Peter Falk and John Cassavetes. I can't recall a more accurate portrayal of a heterosexual male relationship.
  4. Straight Time - 1978
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    Awesome Dustin Hoffman performance and Michael Mann screenplay.
  5. State Of Grace - 1990
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    This film came out the same year Goodfellas did and was completely overlooked, but it's a really well done gangster movie with Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, a stunning Robin Wright, and Ed Harris.
  6. Bottle Rocket - 1996
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    I had never seen a Wes Anderson movie until I was 22. This one opened me up. I'm sure everyone on here has seen it, but in my opinion it's his most important film.
  7. Steamboat Bill Jr. - 1928
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    My film teacher in high school introduced me to Buster Keaton and it changed my view of what comedy is.
  8. The Cider House Rules - 1999
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    I walk around New York listening to this score. So lame. But this movie is a comfort film of the highest regard. It's just a beautiful story.
  9. The Hunt - 2012
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    This isn't an old movie, but I watched it a few weeks ago and it blew my fucking mind. Vinterberg is better than ever and Mads is shattering.
  10. Crimes & Misdemeanors - 1989
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    I really didn't watch any Woody Allen until I was like 21-22, and it was like listening to a Bob Dylan song for the first time or like falling in love. It changes everything instantly. This was the one that changed it for me.