In stages... @maya xox
  1. sleep
    After months of being on call, there's nothing better than sleeping at least ten hours a night for two weeks straight. You never realize how tired you are until you stop.
  2. nothingness
    To come face-to-face with a complete lack of responsibility is daunting after a while, but there is a a very small, golden block of time where it's sensational. No plans. No one knows where you are. No one cares. Do all of the things that you don't let yourself do because they're unproductive, time wasting things. (for me, this is playing fifa and managing a soccer team through years of hardship and struggle. this actually takes up most of my time)
  3. boredom
    ... and that freedom is actually incredibly short-lived, and turns into this. And there's nothing wrong with this. I actually love embracing boredom. But if this goes on for, say three months, you will start to crack. Insecurity, irrational anxieties and desperation will ooze out of you and you will become the worst version of yourself.
  4. the "good" stress
    The kind of stress that slaps you around a little bit, but only to boost you back up. You SHOULD be wondering what you're doing with your life and you SHOULD be afraid that you will never work again and you SHOULD worry that you're not doing enough to realize your full potential. Because you will only motivate yourself to do all of this...
  5. the next phase
    I stopped looking at being unemployed as something scary a while ago, because I happen to believe it's a really organic way to prepare yourself for whatever is coming next in your life; good or bad. Also, there's something important in not knowing and being able to enjoy yourself regardless. Drink, smoke, exercise, read, write, fuck off, visit family and friends you haven't seen in years, do all of the things you said you would. As Teddy Roosevelt would say, "Get Action!" Or not.