All of these people already are already successful - but they are also awesomely ambitious. In no particular order:
  1. Sarah Ramos @sarahramos
    Sarah is graduating from Columbia in May. She's already won the short competition at Sundance for a short she directed called The Arm. Her writing is as fucked up as it is funny. What can I say, she's talented AND smart!
  2. Sam Boyd @samboyd
    If you haven't watched Sam's short In A Relationship, click on his tag and do it now. You will see clearly that he's the next voice of our generation.
  3. Juno Temple
    In my opinion, one of the best female actresses working today. A true character actress. In the vein of Hellen Mirren and Cate Blanchett. She's also my girlfriend. So I got that going for me...
  4. Halley Feiffer @halleyfeiffer
    I've been reading Halley's work for the last eight years and have continued to be mesmerized, but I'm Gonna Pray For You So Hard was one of the best things I've seen on stage. Ever. She will be thought of as one of the best NY playwrights for years to come. (Also, shout out to @thebfg who was ridiculously, otherworldy good in it)
  5. Maya Kazan @maya
    If you haven't watched The Knick, that's fine, but you should if only for Maya's performance. It's sick and sad and fucked up. And when you know her personally and see that's she's one of the loveliest people alive, it makes it so much more impressive.
  6. Zoe Kazan @zoe
    Zoe came to a screening of my film recently and gave some of the best notes I've ever heard in my life. My mind was blown by how incredibly insightful and sensitive and analytical her instincts were. It's a skill that only true craftsman have, and she is a master craftsman.
  7. Max Goldblatt @tothemaxxx
    This fool is one of the smartest people I know. I was desperately searching for an editor, and @maya recommended him - I knew within ten minutes he was the guy. His knowledge of film and music is disconcerting. He is as true an artist and collaborator you will ever come across. A renaissance man for us all. And he's an animal.
  8. Eve Hewson @evehewson
    Again, you should watch The Knick because of Maya's performance, but also because Eve brings the perfect combination of femininity and strength to a fucked up masculine world. She will do this for her entire career and it will never cease to be captivating.
  9. Harper Dill @harperdill
    If you know Harper, you agree with me. Her writing is as if Brenda from the First Wives' Club met Tom Hanks' character from You've Got Mail. I'm not even sure what I mean by that but I feel like it's accurate. Her movies are gonna be the ones you watch when it rains on a Sunday.
  10. Max Minghella
    The only person I know, under the age of 35, who possesses the mind of a director. I've never encountered someone more destined to do something.
  11. Honorable mentions:
    Max Winkler, Matt Spicer, Michael Cera, Chris Smith, Chris Sullivan, Elgin James, Nicholas Braun, Mae Whitman, Alia Shawkat, Ari Graynor, Adelaide Clemens, Sasha Speilberg, and Greg Vrotsos.