Anybody who knows Andrew Angarano knows that he's very quick witted and really puts you through the ringer before he accepts you as equal. He's very soft on the inside, but on the outside he's like a young Archie Bunker.
  1. Mike, you smell.
  2. Mike, you're an idiot.
  3. Mike, you're short and you've gained weight.
  4. Mike, you're mediocre at everything you do.
  5. Mike, you're an embarrassment to the family.
  6. How are we related?
  7. Mike, you're not fooling anybody. We all know you're not smart.
  8. Mike, you're not Lionel Messi, you're a middle aged actor.
  9. Mike, how do you live with yourself knowing how ugly you are?
  10. Mike, just don't try anymore. It's sad.