I'd be curious as to what the most common type of list is. But just based on my personal experience of almost two months of listing, here's my observation of the different variations of lists.
  1. Pop-culture/Entertainment
    I think this would be the most common type of list and the easiest point of entry for the new lister. If you ever have a dry spell where you can't come up with something clever or witty enough, social commentary is a great go-to. Music, movies, books, clothes, recent restaurant trends. Take a peek at @samboyd for these. He's a hip little man who likes to dabble in this variety.
  2. Informative/Educational
    My personal favorite type of list. Usually indicative of the listers educational background and/or their profession. @ouizoid nails these.
  3. Autobiographical
    I suppose they're all autobiographical, but this is specific to what's happened in the lister's life. I like messing with this list variation a lot.
  4. Non-fiction narrative
    The most writerly of the list types. Creativity and actual skill shines through in these. Be careful, this is @zoe territory and she will fuck you up if you mess with her.
  5. Foodie
    Cooking recipes, tips, general appreciation. @gabimoskowitz is our main point of reference here.
  6. Self-degrading
    All done in good nature, but this is a real firing ground of humor and ingenuity. Always trends well because people appreciate when people have a sense of humor about themselves. There are a lot of lister's who function highly here, but none better or more effectively than @lenadunham.
  7. One-liners
    This is sassy listing. When an entire list is manifested to make a singular point. Point taken.
  8. Pets
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    I mean, I don't think anyone can go wrong here. It doesn't even needs to be yours. Just a cute picture (preferably more than one). Always trends hugely.
  9. Intineraries
    Day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute guide into someone's life. I like these. Really paints a picture.
  10. Inventories
    What a lister is packing, what they have in their refrigerator, etc. Again, helps us get to know who we're dealing with here.
  11. Lists about lists