Thank you for asking @maya. While I'm by no means a pro, I definitely like to dip my toes in the water from time to time. Here are some things I've learned:
  1. First, you need a great group of people.
    Karaoke-ing is a five person minimum. Anything less and it's sad and weird. They also need to be your happy-go-lucky, fun loving, open friends - not your depressed, above-it-all, why-did-I-come-out-when-I-could-be-home-by-myself friends. It's important that you have people to lift you up when the group morale goes down later on in the night.
  2. Have a drink or two before you get there.
    The key to this whole situation working is looseness. It's only fun if people go for it.
  3. Have a drink or two once you get there.
    Obviously. Resign yourself to the fact that you're about to make an asshole out of yourself.
  4. Don't pick the song, let the song pick you.
    Yes, of course you have your standby's but maybe you find a song you used to know all the words to when you were eight. This is a great thing. It makes it all more spontaneous. And go with the taste of the crowd. If nineties songs are being played, maybe hold off on the Taylor Swift.
  5. If you only know the chorus of the song, don't sing it.
    This is when disaster strikes. Most of the time people realize that they don't actually know the verse when the verse comes. It makes for great entertainment if you're not this person, so don't be.
  6. Build to your best song.
    Warm up with a few first. It's a phenomenal feeling when you strike at the right time and bring the house down.
  7. Work the crowd, but not too much.
    You want to make sure people are having fun, so get them involved a bit. Do a little dance next to them or let them sing the hook. They'll appreciate this. But do not make a person sing if they're uncomfortable because then you're taking it a step too far and being the weirdo who loves karaoke a bit too much.
  8. If you're unsure of your singing ability or you're starting to get hoarse, bring up the friend that's actually a great singer to give you a hand.
    Life saver.
  9. Sing songs you love.
    Passion is what wins out here. People like to watch other people be uninhibited - give them what they want.
  10. Don't sing Eminem.
    Trust me. You can't.
  11. This is added after being published*****
    Try and convince the one friend who never sings to finally get up there and give it hell. This might not be the night, but if it is... the house will go up in flames and it will be a night to remember.
  12. Another add on post-publication****
    Don't over-saturate. Two in a row is really pushing it, even if you're good. Try and space it out over the course of the night. Only submit one song at a time.