1. Jackie Chan
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    I feel better knowing that Jackie Chan is in the world.
  2. Michael J. Fox
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    I screen-tested for a sitcom that he wrote and before the network test, I had to read in front of him for his notes. He came out and waited with me in the waiting room and I told him that he was one of the reasons why I started acting; he was very moved. I didn't end up getting the part, but a week later I got a beautiful handwritten letter from him saying how sometimes in this business things don't work out the way we want them to, but that should never stop us from doing what we love.
  3. Michelle Pfeiffer
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    She was/is the most attractive person I've ever met. Definitely one of the first memories I have of actually having a little boy boner.
  4. Tom Arnold
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    I'm sure he was a crazy nutjob at one point, but when I met him he was very open and sensitive in ways I did not expect.
  5. Alicia Silverstone
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    Hit on me at a movie premiere when I was like 14. Years later, she remembered she had met me and hit on me AGAIN. Am still floored by this. UPDATE: saw her on the train in NYC yesterday. No eye contact was made, but she was very interested in the people sitting across from her that were rolling cigarettes. She seemed very present and attentive, not creepy. I think my 14 year old mind could have mistaken polite curiosity for flirting. Still uncertain.
  6. Sting the wrestler
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    I was obsessed with wrestling and he was my favorite. Meeting him was one of the single best moments of the first 20 years of my life.