1. Reasons FOR:
  2. A psychic once told my mother in the spring that I will be in London by years' end. I flew out December 31st to visit my girlfriend for New Years Eve. We weren't dating at the time my mother visited the psychic.
  3. The SAME psychic told my mother that I will be on a cable show that will be heavily publicized. And that my dead grandfather is laughing at the outfit I wear in it. (I play a doctor from 1900 ... on cable).
  4. The SAME psychic said in the near future I will be successful behind the camera. (I was)
  5. The SAME psychic said the my grandfather watches over us in the form of hummingbirds. (In the house I just moved into, three hummingbirds frequent the feeder on the porch.)
  6. Reasons AGAINST:
  7. It makes me uncomfortable and aware of things that I don't think people need to be aware of.
  8. I don't actually believe in any of this.
  9. But I hesitate when these people make such spot on predictions.
  10. The SAME psychic told my mother that I would be in a war movie. I've auditioned for at least ten and every time I thought "hey, this might be the one." No.