Someone, @Maxim26 , pointed this out to me the other day and said, "I wonder what that says about you." Well, after a little bit of time I've thought about it and...
  1. Twitter has always seemed, to me anyway, to be the ultimate window into somebody's life. The veil of mystery officially taken away. As an actor, this seems completely opposite of the goal. I really don't want anybody to know who I am, or what I'm doing, or what I'm thinking on a daily basis.
    That would counteract all the work I've done to convince people I'm not me!
  2. It also seems excessive and overwhelming to me to have an open communication with so many people I don't know. Facebook is a more practical way, to me, of keeping in touch with friends.
  3. However, there is a huge function of Twitter in self-promotion, or promotion of whatever show or movie you're in, or whatever book you wrote, or album you made. This I understand, but am personally uncomfortable with. My job is over, why do I need to advertise it?
    ******If you see me on Twitter in the near future, this would be why. Feel free to private message me and reference this list******
  4. I do think people use Twitter in smart , practical ways, and I do think it's an incredibly useful way of communicating with people you wouldn't get to communicate with in every day life, but I also think people misuse it, and that would piss me off.
  5. Twitter also seems to have the capability to be mean-spirited. ListApp, on the other hand, is very friendly and welcoming. This might change when it goes public and it's not as curated, but I like that the people ListApp attracts inherently seem to be smart, like-minded people.
  6. ListApp taps into the writer in people, which I also think is really fun. Similar to how Instagram taps into the photographer in people.
  7. I guess it depends on how you use it, but Twitter is social media for thoughts. I don't want people to know my thoughts - and frankly, I don't reallly care to know anybody else's thoughts. I want to share, but privately and at a distance.