Ya know how some nights are more fun than others sometimes? Whether it be the occasion, the circumstances or just the overall vibe. Tonight was one of those nights. Worry free and blissfully fun.
  1. A perfect date to the Magic Mike XXL premiere. Upon meeting, we nix our plans of getting Mexican food before the film (since we had tacos and quesadillas for lunch) and decide on Musso and Frank's for some nosh and a cocktail.
  2. Uber with Kim
    Kim was just fantastic. Possibly the most attractive Uber driver I've ever had. At 46 years young and Australian, she took an instant liking to Max and I, saying multiple times "You guys should be comedians!" I later told Max he should have gone in for the kill, particularly because Kim took a real liking to him. He claims he was too overwhelmed and wasn't feeling the vibeyness of it - I disagree. Regardless, great drive.
  3. "It's a strange time..."
    This was Max's segue/non-sequitur when our convo with Kim came to a lull. Still unsure what he meant. In the world? In the car? He was actually referring to nudity in America I believe and how we're very uptight about it (in relativity to Australia and all of Europe).
  4. Joe Namath
    Was standing right in front of me when we walked in! I said hey man, he said hey man back! A cooler celebrity sighting I could never imagine. As a lifelong Jets fan, to me, this was more exciting than any actor, writer or musician. When we walked away, I couldn't help but say outloud, "That was fucking Joe Namath! Joltin Joe!"
  5. Musso and Franks cocktails
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    Right on the money. He had a dirty gin martini and I a dirty vodka martini. Exactly where we needed to be to watch this movie.
  6. Magic Mike XXL
    This was the second time seeing it. I couldn't discern the screams in the theater with the screams on film. Ridiculous movie. So much fun. One of the most satisfying third acts ever. Everyone must see it with a group of people, or by yourself. All you want to do afterwards is hump something.
  7. This moment, which is my new favorite picture of @tothemaxxx
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  8. A drunk @evehewson
    As one would imagine an Irish girl to be, a very fun drunk.
  9. Male strippers. At the after party. Performing. What is this!
    Max was so excited he dropped his glass.
  10. Partaking in some Singani 63 with Mr. Soderbergh.
    If you're going to drink one drink with one human, there's no more winning a combo. "This shit will fuck you up."
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx