What a great list prompt from @tothemaxxx. To be honest, this is a big old list for me. There are hundreds, close to thousands of roles I didn't get as a kid and continue not to get to this day, but here are a few that could have been life-changers.
  1. Young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
    Perhaps, the ultimate heartbreaker. Was one of the final three choices for this out of 3,000. They flew the three of us out to the Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco (had us each learn 50 pages of dialogue) to screen test with Natalie Portman. For three months they deliberated until finally it went to Jake Lloyd. I cried for hours. This experience taught me very early on that although my life would have been drastically different, everything happens for a reason.
  2. Cole in The Sixth Sense
    I fell asleep in the waiting room after going on five auditions that day. When they called me in I was groggy, tired and apparently perfect for the role. They called my agent and said I was the first choice and they wanted me to read for the director. However, when I went in the next time I was my perky, commercial, very excitable self, and when it came time to say "I see dead people" I couldn't get thru it without laughing. We all know how this turned out.
  3. Malcom in Malcom In the Middle
    Network tested. Down to the wire. Again, would have been a different world had I gotten this.
  4. Michelle Pfeiffer's son in One Fine Day
    Screen tested. Down to the wire. Was Michelle Pfeiffer's choice, but not the head of Fox's. Went to Alex D. Linz. For some reason, this is still a tough one to swallow because I actually think it's a very sweet movie.
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger's son in Jingle All the Way
    Went to Jake Lloyd of Star Wars fame, who I actually became very good friends with. This is when I started to realize my terrible luck with screen testing on the 20th Century Fox lot.
  6. Kevin in Home Alone 3
    This was another heartbreaker. Flew into Chicago to screen test. This was one that was really pepped up more than what it turned out to be. Essentially, they were looking for the next Macauley Culkin. This also went to my child actor nemesis Alex D. Linz. SIDE NOTE: got to screen test with a young Scarlett Johansson.
  7. Haley Joel Osment's role in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
    Got to read for Steve(n) Spielberg. Never really quite had a handle on this one. When he gave me direction to be "alien-like" I didn't realize he meant literally.
  8. Adam Brody's part in The O.C.
    I was the younger choice. I think I went into the audition with a page of character notes that I read aloud to casting and the producers.
  9. Shia La Beouf's role in Holes
    Don't really remember but I think I was pretty damn close to getting this.
  10. Any role Shia La Beouf got post-Holes
    Or I really should say, any role Shia was offered post-Holes.
  11. The young kid in Unbreakable
    A chance to reconcile with M. Night. They brought me in twice to read with him. They loved me but my inability to cry on cue meant that it didn't go my way. Again.
  12. Michael Cera's part in Arrested Development
    There was a hot second when his work visa (he's Canadian) wasn't gonna work out and I replaced him. For a day the part was mine. They obviously figured out the visa situation.
  13. Any role Michael Cera got post-Arrested Development.
  14. Spiderman in Spiderman
    The Andrew Garfield one. This doesn't really count in the category of child actor, but thought I'd throw it in there for the hell of it.