1. Like other successful sequels (Jurassic World), it's a very different film than the first, but sticks to what made the first one a success.
    Tonally, Magic Mike XXL taps into a strange, self-aware, borderline self-parody, but lighthearted homage to a 70's road trip movie. The entire first act feels very long winded expositionally and a bit too relaxed in it's pacing, but every time it gets boring, we get an awesome sexy man dance that keeps us invested.
  2. Plot isn't the point, it's about men dancing.
    Anybody who isn't entertained from this movie went into it asking for too much. Storylines are weak and Amber Heard's character does nothing but receive a lap dance - but it's shot beautifully, the dance choreography is fantastic, Jada Pinkett Smith does a great job of making us not miss Matthew McChonaughey, and it manages to be an artistic, interestingly made film whilst being a studio-driven franchise film.
  3. The third act alone is worth every penny.
    This movie is definitely flawed and is underwritten and overwritten and there isn't really any character development, but the third act is everything. It's funny as fuck, entertaining as shit, and gives you everything you ever wanted going to see a movie about male strippers. If you liked Magic Mike, you'll love it. If you didn't, then you definitely won't find any magic this time around ;)