1. You get to uncover years and years of accumulated clothes, pictures, and memories. Some of these things you haven't even thought of, let alone looked at it in ten years.
  2. You will throw some of these things away and you will feel cleansed.
  3. You will keep some of these things and realize you have been becoming the version of yourself you are at this very moment for your entire life whether you knew it or not.
  4. You will have to organize things. Too many things. And you will feel overwhelmed.
  5. You will question every decision leading up to this.
  6. One by one these things get done. And you will regain your strength and composure.
  7. You will have to spend a lot of time and money at Target.
  8. You will also have to spend a lot of time and money in Bed, Bath and Beyond.
  9. You will become familiar with the vendors at the local flea markets.
  10. You'll become a regular at the U-Haul rental place.
  11. You will find yourself googling "Mid Century Credenza."
  12. You will find, negotiate and purchase this credenza. And the satisfaction you feel when it fits perfectly into the spot where you thought it would is really nice and rewarding.
  13. You will be helped by friends. And you will feel lucky and grateful to have friends.
  14. You will forget to eat. And you will be starving.
  15. You will eat.
  16. You will eventually relax. And you will enjoy your new view.