1. Me leaving halfway thru my brother's Confirmation and flying in 3,000 miles just for the party and arriving perfectly fashionably late to a room full of already wasted cast and crewmembers.
  2. My first taste of singani after that flight. Never did it feel more earned.
  3. Meeting RZA from Wu Tang.
  4. Stopping a fist fight between Jack, our writer/creator, and a rando who made is way into the party somehow.
  5. Realizing afterwards that I stopped a fight.
  6. Realizing how drunk Soderbergh was when he did the forehead to forehead "We did it brother" move.
  7. My second and third singani - this shit is lethal.
  8. Schvitzing with Jack and cast the day after. Extending the wrap party to a schvitz party
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  9. Getting broth post-schvitz.
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  10. Russ and Daughter's feast post-broth.
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  11. Walking over the Williamsburg Bridge - something I've wanted to do since I moved into my apartment which overlooks it.
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  12. When Eve started a fight with a member of the Wu Tang Clan without realizing he was a member of the Wu Tang Clan.
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