I was there since November, so coming home to LA was a bit sad only because I really love NY so much. I love LA too, but NY is just the best city in the entire world. Period.
  1. My apartment.
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    Right on the east river. Beautiful view of the Freedom Tower and the bridges.
  2. Taking the ferry to work every morning.
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    Especially when it was cold. No better way to wake up in the morning than with a cup of coffee a chilly river breeze.
  3. Working.
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    Whether it be on The Knick or my movie with @tothemaxxx - it was a productive winter.
  4. My friends.
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  5. Schvitzing.
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  6. The hard living of a city.
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    Late nights. Long hours. Burning the candles at both ends. Never stopping.
  7. The food.
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  8. The feeling of community that only New York has.
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    Nobody will openly acknowledge it; we're all on our own, but together.
  9. My girlfriend
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