(By Jerry Maguire)
  1. I hate when people speak to me in the mornings when I'm waiting for coffee.
    Just not the right time for small talk. Not interested. Don't care. Doesn't matter what it is. Things like, "Someone had a big night!!" or "Weren't you wearing that shirt yesterday?"
  2. Sometimes I go through the backdoor of my building so I don't have to make small talk with the doorman.
    I feel very bad about this because he's a nice guy. I also like to think I'm saving myself for when I have something authentic to say, not just commenting on the weather or the amount of packages he has to register.
  3. I can't wait to get older and have kids - specifically to have an excuse to not hang out with people.
  4. I'm really starting to get over the phrases "This is perfect," "This means a lot," and "Thank you for this." (Mostly in comments, not when they're meant genuinely)
  5. I got bit by a mouse on set yesterday and after joking about it with the crew, I really am worried I'm going get rabies.
    It was a union mouse. It definitely doesn't have rabies, but this leads me to my next item on the list...
  6. I'm finally becoming a hypochondriac like every other member of my family before me.
    Night terrors, panic attacks, you name it. Prone to anxiety, for sure.
  7. I know I don't have an addictive personality, but I could see myself going sober for a couple of years.
  8. Nothing bothers me more than what I just said ^^
    If you're gonna drink, drink. If you're gonna smoke, smoke. Stop whining about it and man up. It's so much more attractive when people don't guilt themselves about the small indulgences in life.
  9. This is just a general fear and worry that I once said outloud but realized immediately after how honest it was without trying to be, "I just.... I don't want to be the failed version of myself."
    Technically it shouldn't make the list, because I actually spoke it outloud, but I was drunk enough that it counts..... which also leads me to my next thought....
  10. My iTunes was playing while making this list and That's Life by Frank Sinatra was playing. Tell you what... it's a great song for listmaking.
    I recently just purchases Frank to listen to while on the subway. It's just too fitting to deny. This is why when I listen to the radio I know not one song.