Inspired by @samboyd & continued by @lenadunham
  1. Angarano is not Jewish.
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    It's Baresa. From Bari, Italy. On the boot.
  2. My Grandma Dotty, my mother's mother, has always said that we have Jewish blood in us, but nobody else in the family thinks it's true.
    Mostly because the lineage is too complex and confusing. We're also not sure if she's just making things up.
  3. Grandma Dotty argues that my Grandpa Ricky's father, Rinalto Tesoro, chose the Jewish religion and was buried in a Jewish cemetery.
  4. AND my Grandpa's mother, Lita Levy, while born in Italy, also chose the Jewish religion as did her brother's and sister's.
  5. Lita actually went on to change her last name from Levy to Levi because when Rinalto and her went to marry, they weren't allowed due to their religious beliefs.
  6. I just don't think it counts since they CHOSE their religion. But the fact that the name Levy had to be changed challenges this.
  7. I'm literally talking to my Grandma Dotty right now and she said "Michael, if you don't want to be called an Italian-Jew, I understand that. But it's who you are."
  8. Regardless, Italian and Jewish families are very similar.