A picture guided tour.
  1. Taking the ferry.
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  2. When it's brisk outside but not cold.
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  3. A good schvitz and relax on the outdoor deck of the Turkish Baths @tothemaxxx
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  4. The movie "He Got Game."
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  5. The movie "Newsies."
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  6. Airplane food.
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  7. Pasta.
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  8. Being tired after a long day and finally getting into bed.
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  9. Sitting at home in sweatpants watching Ken Burns documentaries.
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    Fell in love with "The Roosevelts." Now obsessed with "Baseball."
  10. Waking up after a big night of drinking and not being hungover. @evehewson @tothemaxxx
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  11. Waking up early and not getting out of bed. Admiring the awesome view i'm lucky enough to have.
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  12. Suggested by @evehewson