Great list request @EJo
  1. Attention.
  2. To grow up to be the perfect height: 6'2.
  3. To never have to go to another day of school ever again.
  4. To be an actor.
    Even though I already was one, it's all I ever wanted to do.
  5. To have the ability to imitate anybody.
  6. To be the fastest human on earth.
  7. To be in Jurassic Park.
  8. To be Luke Skywalker and know how to fight with lightsabers.
  9. Go to the University of Notre Dame and play football like Rudy.
  10. Ride a hover board.
  11. Travel back to 1955 like Marty McFly and create a space/time paradox.
  12. Go to Neverland and eat with the Lost Boys.
  13. To be Jack Kelly from Newsies.
  14. To have sex with Rita Palumbo.
    Or with any woman. I was a pretty horny child by any standard. Rita was a dancer at my mother's dance studio. We ended up dating for a few months. Never had sex though :(
  15. To have a huge penis.
    Only because I heard from classmates that 13 inches was average size.
  16. To never ever lose the ability to hold my breath in tight spaces.
    In case I ever needed to hide from a burglar.