1. "Get the fuck outta here..."
    On joining Venmo and realizing you could see your entire list of contacts spending habits...
  2. "This is everybody?!"
    Same thing as ^
  3. "Oh shit... it's raining real rain."
    Sitting outside drinking coffee and noticing that it's really raining.
  4. "Hm... need new bulbs. Or is it a fuse...?"
    Upon realizing the lights in the kitchen are out. Still dunno - haven't checked. Don't really care.
  5. Read an entire newspaper article in a British accent.
  6. "Alright... let's get this shit over with. (pause) Go."
    The decision to unpack 7 months worth of clothes.
  7. "Oh, those are a mess."
    Unpacking and seeing a bunch of very nice shirts I put extra effort into meticulously folding crumpled and wrinkled.
  8. "Where the fuck do I put these?...... oh boy."
    Realizing that I have brought back more clothes than I went away with and have no room for them at home.
  9. "Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.......whup..... poop first."
    Self-motivating whilst unpacking.
  10. "Wow... well done."
    Completion of packing.