Working on "The Knick" means two things: 1) You have an awesome job with an amazing cast, crew and director... And 2) You're gonna have a lot of free time because the Soderbergh day is about 8 hours.
  1. Nap
  2. Have a second cup of coffee, maybe even a third.
  3. Find new fun hobbies, like learning how to make chicken soup or antiquing (even though there's no intention of purchasing).
  4. Go to whatever museum or gallery you always said you were gonna go to.
  5. Yoga and/or meditation to help ease the post-work-what-do-i-do-with-my-life-when-i'm-not-working struggle.
  6. Write a movie. Direct that movie. Plan accordingly so the editing process takes place while you're filming so there is less of the above.
  7. Plan a lavish two month long vacation you'll never end up going on.
  8. Buy an xbox and dabble in the video gaming world as a mind improving tool.
  9. Buy appletv so any film and/or documentary is always available to you.
  10. Read large non-fiction books like The Great Bridge by David McCullough.
  11. Call your parents.
  12. Tell your agent that you're doing really long, exhaustive night shoots and just don't have the energy to self-tape right now.
  13. Play guitar and record yourself singing original songs that shall never, under any circumstance, be released.
  14. Delete those songs just so be sure.
  15. SCHVITZ!
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx