1. I would win the Bachelorette
  2. Caitlyn seems nice
  3. Kaitlyn*
  4. Her accent is cute. A Canadian accent is cute on anybody.
  5. But is she worth the attention of all these men?
  6. Doug E. Fresh is the man
  7. Tracy Morgan can play him in a movie
  8. What are these people thinking subjecting themselves to this?
  9. These are adults I'm watching. With lives and careers.
  10. I think Kaitlyn has the slightest lazy eye. Or maybe it was the angle.
  11. Some of these guys must be gay.
  12. The new guy Nick is a creep.
  13. She just made out with like three guys.
  14. It must be a living hell to perform Aladdin 8 times a week.
  15. The guys singing "A Whole New World" made me feel so incredibly weird and uncomfortable.
  16. I would never win the Bachelorette