1. When someone whispers to somebody else and another person says "Someone's telling secrets!! If they can hear it, so can we!" And that person ignores them and keeps whispering.
  2. (Multiple) Credit cards declined in one sitting. Other person forced to pay for everything.
  3. Face planting at a security checkpoint in an airport because you didn't have time to tie your boots.
  4. When you're play-fighting with your girlfriend and she goes for your balls and you flinch and accidentally knee her in the face and give her a blackeye :(
  5. When your girlfriend has a black eye and the people she works with ask her how she got it and she feels like she has to lie and says she fell, which makes it seem like she's in an abusive relationship.
  6. Farting and more coming out when you're doing the splits.
  7. Excusing yourself more than twice at a dinner when you have the shits.
  8. Accidentally grazing boob or penis.
  9. Farting so bad around someone you like that they're forced to acknowledge it, and you have to lie and agree that it's bad.
  10. When the fart is so bad that it follows you hundreds of feet, almost like your asshole is leaking, and you're forced to say it was you even though you just lied about it.
  11. When you have a stomach bug and have been shitting water for a week and a half and you have to do a sex scene.