For those of you who are not familiar with the 1992 Disney live-action musical "Newsies," plan a cozy night, get a bottle or two of wine, and enjoy Christian Bale's best performance of his career.
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  2. My sense of style has been described to me as "a trash man from a musical."
  3. I refer to newspapers as "papes."
  4. Jack Kelly is an icon of mine
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  5. In life, I'll bust out a random Newsies quote or song lyric every once in a while.
    Things like "never fear, brooklyn is here" Or "let's soak em for crutchie!"
  6. I refer to anyone who betrays me as a "scab."
  7. I know the words and choreography to Jack Kelly's heartbreaking solo "Santa Fe"
  8. I love Bill Pullman.
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