1. Chops
    In reference to someone's emotional range.
  2. Bit
    In reference to a common comedy situation.
  3. Riff
    In reference to actors or actresses improvising.
  4. Gag
    See "Bit."
  5. Show
    In reference to a movie, play and/or television show (i.e. We both worked on the same show).
  6. Gig
    In reference to a past, present or future job.
  7. Piece
    In reference to anything you've ever read.
  8. Godard
    In reference to the film you first saw that in.
  9. CBS Radford
    In reference to where the show you tested for is going to shoot.
  10. Tested
    In reference to embarrassing yourself in front of a room full of major network and/or cable executives.
  11. Circle Back
    Suggested by @samboyd
  12. Come up for air
    Suggested by @samboyd
  13. Kill me
    Said after informing someone that you have to go to any particular studio lot today. Works best for Sony and Universal, but also CBS Radford.
    Suggested by @peterbwarren
  14. "Let's put a pin in it"
    Suggested by @Nikki
  15. Pin
    As in "they put a pin in you," or "I've got a pin in me." Not voodoo. Means almost nothing- basically as casting narrows their search, you are one of their 25 favorites. Congrats, you still don't have the job yet.
    Suggested by @maya