How fasting during the month of Ramadan makes you feel
  1. Waking up early for Suhur
    Getting into the habit of getting up early to pray and eat.
  2. Reducing your normal daily consumption of food
    You tend to realize you can do without heavy meals as we normally do in this part of the world(Nigeria)
  3. Making sure you complete your solat for the day
  4. Keeping your thoughts and behavior holy throughout the day
  5. Keeping fit during the holy month seems a lot easier
    I personally start a full body workout 30mins to the time I have to break my fast and then go for a 5km run after Maghrib
  6. Making sure your Iftar is healthy and light
    The plan for this 30 holy days is to keep mind and body clean
  7. Make sure I read the Quran everyday
    The goal is to complete the holy book within Ramadan
  8. Be kind to people
    Patience is a virtue
  9. Thank Allah always