After 17 years of democracy with no significant improvement in the way of life in the country
  1. Electricity
    This is the bane of every single person in the country. From the rich to the poor
  2. Good roads
    In a country like Nigeria you can't drive for more than 5mins and not avoid potholes
  3. Corruption
    It has been wired into our society's DNA. You can't deal with anyone in any sector without them asking for money they haven't worked for or even deserve
  4. Education
    We claim to be a country filled with undergraduates. How many of them are actually employable?!
  5. Agriculture
    For a country with over 130million people, we still import more than 80% of what we eat
  6. Railway system
    I was born in the 80s and I can honestly and somewhat shamefully say I've only seen a train once or maybe twice in my wonderful country.
  7. There are so many points I can make but I shall end it here for now. I hope this new administration have an idea of where they are taking the country to.