1. The Avengers
    It had to be, it just had to be. Regardless of anyone's personal opinion it just had to be. The most hiped super hero movie and the biggest box office superhero movie success had to claim the top spot.
  2. Captain America: Civil war
    Story ✅ Action✅ Spider-Man✅. Civil war is amazingly planned so at all times everyone has a motive and an agenda, everyone is involved in something. the new additions of Spider-Man and Black Panther feel right at home in the MCU and has us counting down to their solo films.
  3. Deadpool
    The funniest marvel..., No, the funniest Superhero movie ever made.Everything we wanted we got satire,great actor and of course a lot of fourth wall breaks. Ryan Renolds just found his Wolverine
  4. Captain America: the winter soldier
    A exhilarating movie that without a doubt changes everything with shield and the MCU. The introduction to the "Winter Soldier" is perfect, and by the end of the movie everyone was like,"Cap is pretty badass"
  5. Iron man
    The one that started it all. First Movie in the MCU kicks off with a bang with maby the best actor-character pairings ever
  6. Xmen: first class
    The best xmen movie of all time. With a new Professor X plus Magneto makes us forget what we had without them
  7. Spider-man 2
    The high point in the trilogy with another great performance from Toby Maguire and the truly amazing Doctor Octapus
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy
    Marvels Star Wars, what more could you want
  9. Captain America: the first avenger
    The lowest MCU movie on the list but still a fun and enjoyable movie
  10. Spider-Man
    One of the most iconic super hero movies ever ,with in my opinion the best actor to ever portray Peter Parker