1. Kudos on no longer selling cigarettes
    A store that should focus on health making a decision not to sell a highly profitable item was a sign of a company showing a deep commitment to its core values. You became my pharmacy of choice from that day on.
  2. But all the candy at check out
    Have you noticed the obesity problem in America?
  3. I just witnessed the struggle of a woman with two toddlers
    It was like herding cats. All that candy at the register is like heroin to a recovering addict. Those toddlers couldn't control themselves and that poor mom struggled for two minutes to get the candy out of their hands.
  4. Yes, it was cute
    I'm the guy who plays peek-boo with babies at checkout so that moms can focus on the checkout process. Plus I love kids But this is training consumption of bad habits that lead to obesity and potentially diabetes. You aren't the only ones doing it, but you seem to be a company who seems to "get it"
  5. I'm not saying you should cease with the candy
    You have two aisles of it. Perhaps keep it there. Maybe allow that space for healthy living magazines, special deals for local gyms. There MUST be a business model. I would love to be involved in helping you find alternatives.
  6. With peace and love to you CVS