Q1 - 2017 report

What this year has been about so far
  1. Donald effing Trump
    I have never wanted someone to die of Hep-C kidney failure before. So this is a new feeling.
  2. Trump's henchfolk
    When I see her, I think this. It can't be helped. I had to put it to Photoshop.
  3. His supporters
    Cognitive dissonance is a natural reaction to second-guessing your stupid decisions. His supporters seem to lack this capability. I have only one conclusion.
  4. Food allergies
    I guess I just needed to shout it out. If you have them: fine. I don't care.
  5. Banning people??
    Seriously people. WTF? I want more people who aren't assholes. Inviting people into our country seems to be a way of lowering the asshole quotient.
  6. 3 more classes
    Almost done with MBA. Puppy helping me with Time Value of Money.
  7. New Hobby
    Taking old and broken jewelry and turning it into something new. Refurbish and Reuse is ALWAYS better than recycling.