Sometimes people can't read me well

Impressions people get wrong about me, or things that go on in my head.
  1. You don't need to win me over
    I am a smile on the inside kind of guy, and possibly a little too trusting. I tend to observe and listen before fully engaging in a social interaction. More than likely, I already like you.
  2. Yes, I am a realist. Don't mistake that for pessimism.
    I like to think through things because I don't want things to fail.
  3. I'm not actually shy
    I tend to overthink at times. I have a desire to put my thoughts together without being misunderstood.
  4. If you make me feel appreciated, and remain ethical, I will be the most dedicated and loyal person you know
  5. I'm not just some white guy
    I'm actually the product of a mixed marriage. Not only that, I grew up among the non-white side of the family, on a reservation in a really small town. I have seen and experienced poverty. I went to Head Start. I have had many of my childhood friends die because of murder, addiction, and alcohol related issues.
  6. I have a tribal name
    My native name is translated to "Center Moon's Younger Brother." It was given to me in a traditional ceremony December 21, 2010. It coincided with the winter solstice, a lunar eclipse and a red moon. That holy moon on a very holy day is the source of my name.
  7. I've been beaten up, ridiculed, and even spit on for my skin color
    Par for the course in my background, particularly during the 70s. I hold no grudges.
  8. I didn't experience culture shock moving from Montana to NYC
    I visited NYC on a vacation, met my first wife, and didn't take my plane ride home. That is how I moved to NYC. The only time I ever experienced culture shock was going to college. I moved from a tiny town to a city and from a non-white town to a very white city. After I became comfortable in that situation, I never had issues moving around.
  9. I don't need validation. In fact, I love being proven wrong.
    How else does one learn without metrics, data, objectivity and the occasional mistake?
  10. I don't consider myself above average
    I find myself compensating for this by working harder, studying harder, and not being lazy.
  11. Sometimes I'm smiling and it doesn't look like a smile.
    I've learned to fake laughing for pictures, just to appear to be smiling.
  12. I believe humanity is inherently good
    In fact all creation is inherently good. Humans, cats, dogs,etc are good at heart. Usually those who aren't are just damaged and need to sort things out. The best we can do is love one another.
  13. I believe in ghosts
    In fact I've had experiences.
  14. I believe in Extraterrestrials
    Just not sure if they've visited us yet.
  15. I love conspiracy theories but generally doubt them
    Imagine how hard it would be to keep the Kennedy assassination secret when there is always someone willing to talk about the littlest things.
  16. I'm not really an atheist
    It's a shortcut to saying, I am not sure I believe in a deity with a plan for us, or am not even certain that God is even sentient. Most life on our planet doesn't emote in a manner typical of mammals. What makes us so certain a God would?
  17. I'm a pragmatist who believes that socialism could work but requires society to evolve
    Perhaps socialist theory creates deadweight costs in efficient markets. But what do you call the lost potential of a huge national and global underclass? I don't feel markets are bad, they just need to focus more on love and altruism.
  18. Being selfish and disdainful of altruism and the desire to take care of the poor, sick and old isn't natural.
    I believe most things we do are related to biological imperatives to live and propagate. Humans are tribal in order to survive. The illusion of individuality being commercialized and sold to us is not who we are as a species. That trend hurts us physically, mentally, and is destroying our planet.
  19. We are part of nature
    We may alter our environment to create our habitat, but the more we pretend to be apart from nature, the more it seems like nature tends to remind us of our folly in very dramatic ways.
  20. Life after death?
    I think so. Just not sure in what form. Seen my thoughts above on gods.
  21. I am secretly sentimental
    There goes that secret.
  22. Take the time and you might be surprised
    I can be a fun conversation. I know a little about a lot, but also specialize in certain types of knowledge.