My grandpa was both wise, witty, and a bit of a dirty old man. As a teen, he ran away from an Indian boarding school hopped a train to Pasadena. He even had a job tending to Will Rogers' horses. Here are some of his most memorable statements.
  1. About friendship
    You only get to experience so many years. The more friends you have, the more years of experience you get to share with each other.
  2. About your parents
    You don't know this yet, but your parents are your best friends, and the best friend you will ever have.
  3. To the feminine cleansing commercial
    Don't just talk about it. Show us how it works!
  4. About physical attraction
    When you're 18, you'll want an 18 year old. But once you reach 70... you still want the 18 year old.