1. I stay up too late every night and hate myself every morning
  2. I always root for the underdog.
    But if the underdog starts winning by a lot, I start to feel bad for the other team/person because, well, who hasn't been crushed when they expected an outcome but got blindsided by an upset?
  3. Carmela Soprano is probably my favorite tv character of all time.
    That has happened over countess rewatches of the series- without her, there is pretty much no reason to root for Tony, ever.
  4. .... But Leslie Knope and Phil Dunphey are close seconds.
  5. I should've started my homework at least an hour ago
    This could probably be said of me at all times. Someone could randomly ask me at any moment "do you have homework?" And 99% of the time I'd reply "ugh, YES, I should've started it an hour ago.."
  6. I don't tweet. Ever.
    But I follow some of my favorite celebrities, who are mostly comedians. Also, I don't ever actually log onto Twitter, but I have notifications sent to me in text messages. It's inly a problem when Patton Oswald goes on live tweet sprees in the middle of the night, but I'm normally amused by it in the morning.
  7. I wish I wasn't lazy/broke/too busy so I could grow all of my food and spend hours making super healthy home cooked meals
  8. And the obligatory: I'm a mom to 3 kids and a wife and an employee and a student. And a tv addict.
    Seriously, it's actually a problem for me. The tv part, not the family part. (Well, they're problems SOMETIMES, let's be honest..)
  9. Each week, not only do I watch The Walking Dead, but I watch Talking Dead and then listen to the Watching Dead podcast.
    Which means that I spend 3 hours at least on The Walking Dead each week, which is troublesome because I wouldn't even rate it in my top 15 favorite shows of all time. It's just an obsession; I can't explain it.