1. Every Tuesday I attend a ladies bible study at my church.
  2. I love it!
    Well, I like it. I mean it's okay. I love it sometimes. You get the idea.
  3. Today's lesson was really great and positive.
  4. Afterwards a bunch of women were meeting at a restaurant for a fellowship lunch.
  5. And I went!
  6. I was kind of late, so I walked in on a conversation that was already in progress.
  7. Without having any context what I heard was...
  8. "He'll come out of it. He's always been a good, Christian, conservative man. This is just a phase for him..."
  9. Then someone else said "do you really think so? Wait- he's a republican?"
  10. And then "yes, he's always been a republican."
  11. I didn't say anything because 1) I didn't know what they were talking about, or who they were talking about and 2) I didn't care to get involved because I am NOT a conservative, republican Christian and I don't care to involve myself in any conversation concerning those things being equated.
  12. Then I heard "who is this again?"
  13. And then "Caitlyn Jenner"
  14. Ugh.
  15. AS IF
  16. A person can't be both transgender and also republican. Or Christian.
  17. Then I was offended that they were referring to her as "he".
  18. Then I was pissed that they were talking about her at ALL. BECAUSE WHO GIVES A SHIT.
  19. Then I heard the worst part of all of it...
  20. "Well it's so common these days now..."
    FYI the people involved in this convo were all on the 60-75 age range. Does that matter? I told myself it did at the time but now I feel like it doesn't.
  21. What I thought immediately was, "you guys are walking stereotypes."
  22. So much so that I almost wanted to erase it from my memory. So much so that I wanted it to will it erased from existence.
  23. That a group of ladies who had just been praising Jesus for loving them would choose to judge another human person, a WOMAN at that, on her body type and political affiliations. And that this happened at a church in Texas, and that it was gossip-y and hurtful.
  24. Anyways, I chose to stay silent. I hate that I did. There's no excuse.
  25. So I honestly don't know why I decided to write this list. I guess as a confession of sorts? Ugh. Being human is hard.
  26. I can't change anyone's mind. And although I could've made a case for why that is backwards thinking, in the end, I can't reason with Christian conservatism.
  27. I don't know how to end this either.
  28. Should I have said something? Would it have mattered?