Since really becoming an adult, my birthday has become my least favorite day of the year. Mostly due to the fact that it mainly goes ignored. Except for my parents because they're awesome.
  1. 1987
    My golden birthday! It was amazing. Lots of cake and ice cream and a sweatshirt from my aunt that I rocked for years. All of my favorite people came to my party and I just remember being super happy all damn day long.
  2. 1994
    Mall of America with my best friends at the time. I bought Journeys greatest hits and Tom Pettys greatest hits on CD. They were the newest additions to my mine and my sisters CD collection which was previously just Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam. We may have also had Mariah Carey's "Music Box" but I can't remember. Anyways, this birthday rocked.
  3. 1999
    Omg- hotel party with literally all of my girlfriends. My sister hooked us up with booze, it was amazing. Everyone had a great time and we remained totally drama free. We partied till like 3 am and woke up at 9 and wore sunglasses out of the hotel and laughed about how awesome we all were. (Cmon, don't act like your 18th birthday was any better.. Okay maybe it was, but we were cool okay? 😎)
  4. 2006
    This was the last memorable "good" birthday I have. My friend @ahillestad and I threw a joint "21st" birthday party in my basement. We were turning 25 and 26 but we partied like we were 21 and all of our friends came and we danced to Depeche Mode. So much fun. Keg party. Noisemakers and hats and fun decorations and also "adult" stuff like appetizers.