1. Best
    Finding an underground tunnel and swimming through it for hours. It was chlorinated like a pool and there were other people swimming too but I didn't know any of them. I had so much fun swimming with strangers in this secret, private place and I woke up so happy.
  2. Worst
    Being chased through my high school (I had the dream at age like 24), ending up in the library, hid under a table and put chairs in front of me. Guy found me, pulled me out, I screamed "NO" but he shot me in the back of my head. I swear I felt warm liquid running down my spine. I woke up sweaty and crying and unable to move. Thought I was paralyzed. Couldn't eat all day.
  3. Best
    Dancing with my friends at a German nightclub (I've never been IRL). Don't know why we were there, don't know why Germany. The music was like... House music I think. I can't remember it specifically, but it was amazing at the time. There were lights and drinks and laughing and major dancing. I actually don't even know why I think it was a German nightclub, but that's what I instantly thought of when I awoke. Felt amazing all day, listened to loud music in my car.
  4. Worst
    My mom told me and my sister that my cousins were missing. We decided to look for them ourselves. We were at their lake house. Found their dead bodies in the woods, and my cousin Kelly had worms crawling out of her eyes. I was maybe 15 when I had this dream. I woke up and almost vomited. I told my sister and she laughed at me. Total bitch move.
  5. Best
    While pregnant, I dreamt that I had a little black baby and I was nursing him. It was amazing. I felt so connected to him. We were skin to skin, but he had a blue blanket draped over him. All I could see was his face and hand and little shoulder. I woke up and basically told anyone that would listen to see if they ever had dreamt about a baby that was outside of their race. Nobody else had. Weird.