A few weeks too late and I think I messed up the title. 📂
  1. When I was about 13 we took a family vacation out to the west coast.
  2. One of our destinations was the Redwood Forest, for which I am forever grateful for visiting. Amazing.
  3. Anyways, as we were driving out of the forest, my dad realized we were dangerously low on gas.
  4. He asked "What are the chances that there is a place to fill up in the next few miles?"
  5. My mom (who was reading a magazine article at the time) responded with "one never knows, does one"
  6. Maybe this is not something that will be funny to other people, but for us, it's something we talk about regularly. My mom has a way of avoiding actually talking to people when she's reading or doing her crosswords, yet she still will engage in conversation if that makes sense.
  7. So then just as we were sputtering out of gas, out of seemingly nowhere arose.... A Texaco gas station.
  8. My dad said (with calm but palpable enthusiasm) "TEXACO BY GOD."
  9. And my sister and I laughed hilariously for almost an hour.
  10. And out of all the sightseeing and all the memories that we made on that trip, this remains the single most talked about thing which will always make all of us laugh. My parents laughing at us for laughing so long about 2 statements that were not even really that funny; my sister and I laughing at our parents unawareness of their wit and charm.
  11. ⛽️🚙🌳