1. Hi.
  2. I saw you at a stoplight just now...
  3. I was singing, at the top of my lungs,
  4. Emphatically.
  5. Hand gestures and all,
  6. Windows rolled down.
  7. And I looked over at you,
  8. And you gave me the nicest smile
  9. I've seen all day.
  10. Like you understood me
  11. Or something.
  12. Like you liked me.
  13. Like it wasn't that you caught me singing,
  14. But more like I caught you watching.
  15. And it made me feel great.
  16. And I wish I would've smiled back, honestly.
  17. But that song has no room for pauses,
  18. And I was pretty into it.
  19. So I'm sorry.
  20. But you made my night. 😌