My account is private, but request if you dare 😏 Same handle.
  1. @fuckjerry
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    A friend turned me on to this one. Funny stuff.
  2. @humansofny
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    I like pictures and stories and people. So this is a 3 for 1.
  3. @mattmcgorry
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    Actor. Feminist and civil rights activist through Instagram. Also incredibly good looking.
  4. @sainthoax
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    Amazing. This particular insta, if I could have it on a tshirt I would love it for life. LIFE. 💯
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    One of my closest friends fucked around and became Instagram famous. We've been friends since 7th grade. She is talented, smart, beautiful, kind and funny. Follow her- especially if you live in MN. She also heads up all the Twin Cities insta meet ups. I'm so proud of her. ❤️