1. Retail work is exhausting.
  2. I love my job, pretty much all the time.
  3. But my body is worn.
  4. Wed night 5pm-3am
    Setting up door buster sales which included stacking tv's, dragging pallets all over the store, scouring the back room for video games and triple checking apple products.
  5. Thursday night 5:30pm-1am
    Doors opened at 6. I worked the tv shop. Which means that I saw humanity at a low. No judgement if you came out and clawed your way through piles of tv's and people, but fuck that, I'm totally judging you. And to the guy who ran his cart across my heel, double fuck you.
  6. Friday 4:15pm-12am
    By the end of last night, we are all feeling pretty spent. It's like being on a non stop amusement park ride for days. Small breaks in between shifts to eat and sleep, but once you clock back in it's like you never left.
  7. Saturday 5pm-1am
    Thankfully we get to remove Black Friday ad signs tonight. And maybe things will go back to normal. (Just kidding, they won't. Not until the second week of January.)
  8. Sunday 4pm-1am
    I'm looking forward to around 8pm when people have to go home and put their kids to bed. Tomorrow night is sure to be slow after 9 at the latest.
  9. Monday 6pm-1am
    Should be a day of recoop. SHOULD BE. Don't get any wise ideas, shoppers.
  10. Not particularly long hours, but fucking exhausting.
  11. Be kind to your retail workers while you holiday shop ✨✌🏻️