I need help/advice!!
  1. I have a 14 yr old daughter. She'll be 15 in April.
  2. When she was a little-bitty (well, like 8+), I bought her a bunch of Cosby Show dvd's because I was rallying against the powers of Miley Cyrus.
    And basically every other kid show targeting that age group. I hated all of them.
  3. And she loved them! And I did too. We watched the Cosby Show almost every night before bed. We laughed, we loved, we snuggled. I was in 80's kid nostalgia heaven and she loved It as much as I did.
  4. Eventually, she grew up into a "teen" and we stopped watching them as much.
  5. And then last year happened. And she doesn't watch much tv and she isn't allowed on social media so I thought maybe I was in the clear?
    But, like every kid, there is always a way to find out information...
  6. At some point she told me that some kids at school said that Bill Cosby was a rapist.
  7. Because I'm a gigantic chicken I quietly said "well, I don't know, nothing has been proven..."
    Because I am in denial. Because of the couch and the snuggles and the laughs and the loves. 💔
  8. And then she forgot about it. Yay! (😩)
  9. Then this morning she said "mom- did you see that Bill Cosby got arrested?? Ugh, that's so dumb!"
  10. And I didn't say anything. Nothing. Nothing at all.
  11. Instead I sat down and wrote this list.
  12. I'm the worst.
  13. Over the last few months I've imagined her bringing it up to me again and how I would calmly inform her about the different ways women can be raped, and how even men who you trust and love can take advantage of you and how you have to be careful and assertive everywhere you go.
  14. But, I'm a chicken. Because I don't want to admit to my daughter that people are bad and they can't be trusted.
    Because she's so loving! And caring! And I don't want to taint that.
  15. So, as a summery, I missed a great teaching opportunity because I'm afraid. Help!