1. I call my kids out for dinner.
  2. They sit down and look at their plates.
  3. My 3 y/o exclaims: hey! This is my favorite meal!
    It's a chicken patty and garlic bread and pineapples.
  4. My 5 y/o is less enthusiastic: aw man! Chicken?!
  5. I say: yep, it's chicken.
    Admittedly, this is a boring meal. My kids are not big meat eaters and they are also pretty picky when it comes to most protein rich stuff. The breaded chicken patties are one of the ONLY things that they both will eat, and it's what's for dinner (for them) probably 3 nights a week. So, I get it. It's getting old.
  6. So the 5 y/o then says "Does it *at least* have sugar on it?"
    Note- the emphasis he gave the "at least" and the way he words this question leads me to the classic parent answer....
  7. "Yes, it has sugar on it"
    It obviously does NOT, in fact, have sugar on it, but I'm just trying to get him basically to be quiet and eat. It's the end of the day and I'm looking forward to punching my "mom time card" if there is such a thing because I'm SO FUCKING DONE for the day.
  8. Then he rolls his eyes and says "ugh, well I don't eat chicken with sugar on it mom..."
  9. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
  10. DAMNIT.