Inspired by @shanaz ---TRIGGER WARNING---
  1. It was my first job
  2. I was 16
  3. I had a boss who was just.... Gross.
  4. He was always commenting on female customers.
  5. Shortly after my 17th birthday, I came to work and all of my other coworkers were saying "happy birthday" and asking me about my day, what presents I got etc...
  6. And he said...
  7. --And I'll never forget it--
  8. "Hey I have a present for you! It's not wrapped yet, but I could wrap it if you wanted me to..."
  9. And I said (nervously, because I didn't ever really speak to him directly) "what?"
  10. And he laughed and he said "it's in my pants right now.."
  11. And I went to the bathroom and I cried.
  12. My other boss came up to me afterwards and asked me what he'd said to me.
  13. I told him.
  14. And then I threw up because I felt so gross.
  15. And nothing ever happened.
  16. But he was transferred out of my store shortly after that so....
  17. I just forgot about it.
    Aka didn't bring it up again.
  18. Yuck yuck yuck yuck