I HAD to do it. I work at Tgt, but last night I called in so I couldn't shop as per usual and I needed stuff so I went to fucking Walmart.
  1. I couldn't find half the shit I needed.
    Also, I observed that the closet organization stuff was right next to the paint. What in THEEEE fuck.
  2. Multiple bags broke, but the worst was the bag with the pickles ripped and the sweet, delicious Claussen's went crashing to the ground.
  3. They didn't have the protein-rich yogurt that I buy for my kids. Only the protein-mediocre yogurt. Dammit.
  4. Due to my confusion of just BEING there I got mini biscuits instead of regular biscuits and seemingly jumbo sausage. Resulting in this breakfast:
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  5. ...... But I got a great deal!! 👍🏻🙄
  6. #neveragain