1. I like books!
    Any of them that isn't in the category of fantasy or sci-fi that is. Doesn't have to be new, I actually love used books (feels like a shared experience that way, and it always feels/smells good). If it gave you emotions and you are so inclined to share, I'll treasure it.
  2. I like homemade stuff!
    Scarf, crafty stuff, cookies, anything!
  3. An actual secret!
    Got something on your chest that you need to let out but can't tell anyone? Feel free! I'm a good secret keeper AND I'm a stranger so you need not be shy. Write it down, send it off, and I promise to burn it after I've finished reading it. 📃🔥
  4. I like stuff that smells good!
  5. I like coffee mugs!
    Especially if you live in a place that's not Texas and the mug says your hometown on it somewhere. I'll remember you forever!!
  6. I like dark chocolate!
    And not white chocolate 😁
  7. And honestly, I'll like anything I'm lucky enough to receive.
    I mean it! Since we are both a part of this wonderful community I'm sure we have lots in common. I'm so excited to be a part of this!