I have gotten into a weird place. I binged Gilmore Girls (love/hate) and after that I felt emotionally exhausted. So I decided to rewatch OITNB to prepare for season 4, and afterwards I felt bored. Then I realized that I've been ignoring movies for far too long so, instead of diving into another series I decided to settle in. In order...
  1. I started with "Milk"
    Absolutely fantastic. I laughed, I lived, I learned, I lost. On HBO NOW.
  2. Then I sort of switched gears. I half-watched some weird documentary about an Austrian guy who locked his daughter in a basement and fathered like 7 kids with her. 😳 it was weird, and poorly produced and I can't even remember what it's called.
    I could figure it out, sure, but, eh. On Netflix.
  3. Next up was "Atonement".
    This has been on my radar since before it was a movie, thanks to Oprah. But I had never gotten around to reading or watching it. So I did. And I don't regret it. I held my breath at times and stood up once and said "no" out loud. Solid movie. I'm glad it won awards. On Netflix.
  4. Then I remembered that I've been meaning to watch a documentary called "The Central Park 5"
    Heartbreaking and anger-inducing. Also Donald Trump makes an appearance as an asshole, surprise surprise. On Netflix.
  5. After that, I remembered how much about Harvey Milk I still wanted to know, which led to a Google search and then I remembered that I have been putting off "The Normal Heart". So I watched it.
    Oh man. I mean- sobbing. It's seriously devastating. Amazing acting. Also this gave me hope that I can enjoy Jim Parsons acting, so total win. He killed me at the end. If you haven't seen this, please do. On HBO NOW.
  6. Then I fell face first into "We Were There".
    Great follow up documentary to The Normal Heart, but also very sad. Very, very sad. But great. On Netflix.
  7. And as if I didn't feel shitty enough about life and humanity, I decided it was the perfect time to finally watch "Dear Zachary".
    Ummmm.... There are no words. I held my breath during several moments. Masterfully edited and produced and if it wasn't so fucking awful I'd watch it again and again. I mean, did this win awards? Ugh. Amazing documentary, but please be warned. You will love and lose. And love and lose again. And again and again. On Netflix.
  8. Then I saw "Begin Again" on my queue and figured it was a natural next step.
    Because both Kiera Knightly (Atonement) and Mark Ruffalo (The Normal Heart) star. Nice transition. Not depressing but very heartwarming. And the music is actually a ton better than I thought it would be. (Also: am I turning into a Mark Ruffalo fan? I think so.) On Netflix.
  9. May as well keep the Kiera Knightly going. "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World".
    Why haven't I seen this before? Why wasn't this more popular? Death by lovestruck and mournful Steve Carrel. On Netflix.
  10. Now I absolutely HAVE TO do something else. It was good while it lasted, couch. 🛋