1. Does anyone else have a tendency to become depressed/agitated when binge watching shows that are emotional in nature?
  2. Like for an obvious example: whenever I watch more than 2 or 3 episodes of Greys Anatomy in a row I seriously become depressed for a day or two. It's subtle, not obvious, so much so that it takes me a beat to figure out why I feel so shitty.
  3. It happened when I binged Mad Men last year also.
  4. However, I notice that when I binge watch the Sopranos (which happens about once a year give or take), I'm able to better separate my emotional response to the show and to my life okay... in other words, I don't project my feelings from the show onto my normal life.
  5. Recently, I've been binging Shameless on Netflix, and while I really love the show, it's starting to take a toll on me as well. It's exhausting. I watched like 4 episodes today and now I'm at work and I feel sooooo shitty.
  6. Some other times this has happened was with The Affair, Breaking Bad, The Wire and the first season of True Detective.
  7. Is this weird? Or normal?